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How to get there...

by car, plane, train, bus, shuttle, bike, or even running.

The location is situated only one hour (by car ) from Barcelona airport or 40 minuts from Girona Airport and there are several options for arriving.

By Plane or Car from BCN airport: 

  • We recommend you get the train from the airport or from Barcelona to Sant Pol de Mar, from where we have a driver that will pick you up and bring you to the retreat.  This way you can enjoy one of the most amazing train rides, winding up the Costa Brava coastline the entire way. 

  • There are also a few busses going to Sant Pol de Mar from the nearby airports but you will have to check the continously updated scedules. 

  • We can provide a driver picking you up at the airports although this involves an addidtional fee of approimately  20 – 50 euros depending on how many arrivals we can coordinate at the same time. 

  • Of course you are welcome to kickstart this health journey by foot or bike. Please note that the retreat lies at 400m of altitude.