Master Program

The Raw Nature Retreat Master Program is reserved for a small group of attendees and has a fee of 330 Euro which in addition to the specific Learning program, will extend your stay with two extra nights.

We are very excited to bring the Master Program to  Raw Nature Retreat.
We threw ourselves fully into making this program exceptional.
As you immerse yourself into the program you will feel the exceptional value it adds to your 80/10/10 experience.
Most people have no idea what they are getting into with the Master Program, and no two programs are identical, but let us outline for you some of the consistent highlights.
The first outstanding feature of the program is its intimate nature, which guarantees you hours of personalized attention. The small group model has been shown time after time to result in a better learning atmosphere than any other.

Our intention in running the Master Program is two-fold:

  1. Make sure that your understanding and application of The 80/10/10 Diet and lifestyle is as close to perfect as we can get it.
  2. Focus fully on helping you reach your individual health fitness, physique, weight, and productivity goals.

Along the way, we will also venture into a variety of other areas, including but not limited to:

*Q&A with Doug, on your specific questions
He offers multiple Q&A sessions throughout the program, since inevitably more questions always manage to come up. While responding to every question, It also opens the door for questions hat lead to more questions , student-led research and ongoing conversations about any and all topics.

*Consulting regarding your individual health concerns
One on one time with each member of the group ensures that your individual and private concerns are met. In addition, personal health concerns provide strong motivations for pursuing these areas of interest.

*Practice with overcoming the challenges of 811 when interacting with friends and family.
We get “out of the box” in order to walk through mock-up dress rehearsals and trial runs with a variety of scenarios relevant to your life. Group interaction is encouraged in these situations, as is sharing of information, experience, and strategies.

*Help with goal setting
Perhaps one of the most necessary and valuable presentations offered, the goal setting program is broken into many smaller parts, to be able to restate, review, and revise your goals, as well as creating your roadmap for reaching them. Goals need to be realistic, on a timetable, resettable, and staged so as to build upon each completed step of the goal.

*Guidance with coaching others into 811, whether for free or for a fee.
Too many people rely upon the saying, “practice makes perfect,” when in fact it simply is not true. Perfect practice makes perfect, yes. What most people don’t understand is that “practice makes permanent,” whether the practice is perfect or imperfect. Developing the coaching skills that make it easy for others to see your points saves everyone a lot of frustration.

*Introducing yourself and your ideals to strangers
Simple as it may seem, since you only get one chance to make a first impression, opening lines are worthy of more practice than most people give them. That doesn’t mean that introducing yourself won’t be awkward at first. Once you get your introduction of yourself to convey exactly the message you want it to, saying those words will just become easier and easier, like saying your own name.

*Creating a program to realize your fitness and physique goals
Finding a balance between fitness, physique, motivation, and available time poses a never-ending challenge. Update your plans to better suit your current reality and create the fitness package that efficiently and effectively carries you straight towards your goals.

*Assistance with all your weight loss/gain/maintenance issues
Whether you wish to gain muscle, lose fat, or in any other way rebalance the weight you carry, we will show you how to create the body composition that suits your desires. Rest assured in the knowledge that as students we will also examine the “why” behind every “what to do” so as to better understand the anatomy, physiology, and interrelationships relevant to each of these weight related matters.