Raw Nature Retreat

Next Raw nature retreat October 23rd-27th 2024

is Europe's first ever raw vegan 80/10/10 retreat with fitness and health in focus.It takes place biannually in the middle of a breathtaking national park only one hour from Barcelona.

If you:

…Want to kickstart your raw vegan journey and learn how to succeed from long term raw vegans.

…are looking to broaden your knowledge about nutrition and how the body works at its best on a raw vegan diet

…are already living a raw vegan lifestyle, and simply want to enhance your knowledge and performance

…love nature as much a we do and want do gift your self with beautiful Spanish sun in the middle of nature,

…want to bring your athletic performance to a higher level, OR are just getting started,

…would like to have one-on-one conversations with Dr. Douglas Graham on our daily Walk ‘n’ Talk sessions,


…are  simply craving luscious fruit, beautiful views and time spend with likeminded people,

...Then we have a treat for you!

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Enjoy five days packed with running and fitness workshops for all levels, nutritious fresh foods, life changing lectures, and evening-concerts surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

What to Expect


Raw vegan 80/10/10 meals, primarily organic, prepared by our acclaimed raw chef Mirjam Henzen. These meals will consist of freshly squeezed juices, revitalising smoothies, mono meals of seasonal fruit, nice-cream bowls and other specially prepared meals  with a more complex fruit and vegetable dishes for dinner. 


Sport is a celebration of life.

Bring your physical training to the next level, whatever your starting point is, under the guidance of author and coach Dr. Douglas Graham and elite athlete Harriet Kjaer as we  walk, run, stretch and enjoy other activities adaptable for all levels of fitness.


Learn and live the 80/10/10 lifestyle from and with the author himself during daily lectures and workshops to help you reach your optimal health. Take advantage of one-on-one time with Dr. Graham and Harriet to  learn from their experience as long term raw vegans.

And of course, enjoy live food demos from our raw vegan chef to help you implement what you learn in daily life.

Walk and Talk

At Raw Nature Retreat some of the daily Q&A sessions are called Walk&Talk for the simple reason that walking is excellent for digesting both the delicious dinner but also digesting the information we receive during the day.It makes being a raw vegan easy as a walk in the park and gives us  some fresh ideas before the last lecture of the day.
At the “inspirational walk” we will get some delightful bla bla bla.


Rest and sleep are vital if you want to get the best outcome possible. We will be staying in a traditional Catalan Cottage the middle of a wooded natural park, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. The beds are hand made wooden bunk-beds  in several  rooms shared between 6-8 people.During the day you can take a Spanish siesta in a hammock in the shade and scent of the tall pines surrounding you.

About Dr. Graham

As college gymnast with a degree in physical education and specializing in nutrition, Dr. Douglas N. Graham graduated Life Chiropractic College in 1983. He’s been coaching high level performance through raw foods and applied sports science ever since. Author of the acclaimed best seller, The 80/10/10 Diet, he has been the keynote speaker at every raw food festival for more than 20 years. Living in England with his wife and daughter, he actively coaches clients wishing to improve themselves, whether in sport, health, or overcoming conditions such as osteoporosis or diabetes. His new 80/10/10 Coach program is taking the raw food world by storm.


About Harriet Kjaer

Harriet Kjaer is one of the world’s most adventurous  athletes that have been achieving high levels of athleticism thanks to the raw vegan 80/10/10 diet she has been following for more than a decade.
She has competed in ultra distance running among the world’s best athletes and competed for the Danish national team .

She now lives, works and runs in the sublime hills of Montnegre and hosts this retreat in a cottage nearby  where she build her Off the grid home, together with partner, musician Sasha Agranov, that will also be delighting us with cello music during the retreat. She has attended Dr. Douglas Graham’s mentorship program , and is a certified 80/10/10 coach and has been giving talks  about her high energy lifestyle as an endurance athlete, but also a mother, a professional instrument maker and exceptional woodworker.

About Shari Leiterman

All the meals at the Raw Nature Retreat are prepared by Shari our raw vegan chef from Rawsome Living Florida, who will be treating us with delicious 80/10/10 meals and spreading good energy from the kitchen to our plates, and giving us all we need to stay full of energy  throughout the whole retreat .

She will also be giving food demos for easy recipes you can take home to continue an easy healthy lifestyle

Upcoming Events

Raw Nature Master Program

We are proud to announce the very exclusive master program that will prolong your stay with two wholesome nights.

These days will take your life through a quantum leap of progress. Dr D shares his experience and success strategies like no one else can.  The Master Program will put you on the straight shortcut towards reaching your  goals.

You can also book an ultra-trail-monday for the  adventurous.  Harriet will take you running/walking for a few hours or a whole day while sharing her tips and stories from her career as an elite ultra runner.

How to get there...

by car, plane, train, bus, shuttle, bike, or even running.

The location is situated only one hour (by car ) from Barcelona airport or 40 minuts from Girona Airport and there are several options for arriving.

By Plane or Car from BCN airport: 

  • We recommend you get the train from the airport or from Barcelona to Sant Pol de Mar, from where we have a driver that will pick you up and bring you to the retreat.  This way you can enjoy one of the most amazing train rides, winding up the Costa Brava coastline the entire way. 

  • There are also a few busses going to Sant Pol de Mar from the nearby airports but you will have to check the continously updated scedules. 

  • We can provide a driver picking you up at the airports although this involves an addidtional fee of approimately  20 – 50 euros depending on how many arrivals we can coordinate at the same time. 

  • Of course you are welcome to kickstart this health journey by foot or bike. Please note that the retreat lies at 400m of altitude.     


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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